Environmental Impacts From Arctic Oil Spills and Arctic Oil Spill Response Technologies

Key Components

  • Review of scientific literature and relevant studies (past and ongoing) on the environmental impacts of spilled oil and oil spill responses in the Arctic, including the speed of recovery and the restoration of key components of Arctic ecosystems.
  • Creation of an online, publically available and searchable tool to house this review and aid arctic oil spill decision-making.
  • Identification of crucial elements of the assessment process (data, models, processes) that need improvement in order to advance the effectiveness of NEBA.
  • Definition of research activities.
  • Prioritization and completion of the most crucial research activities.
  • Develop NEBA data summaries and an online NEBA support tool
  • Demonstrate the application of the NEBA support tool through existing NEBA frameworks
  • Dissemination of this work in presentations and publications