Fate of Dispersed Oil under Ice

Key Deliverables

This project will deliver a one-dimensional modelling algorithm that predicts the potential for a dispersed oil plume to resurface and reform a new slick under the ice.  Future development could include expanding the model to three dimensions and incorporating it into an integrated oil spill fate model.

The initial phase of this project is complete and the final report entitled:” Fate of Dispersed Oil Under Ice – Literature Review” is available on the JIP website. The report provides a summary of background information on the state of knowledge concerning under-ice turbulence and methods for obtaining additional data as necessary to allow the development of a reliable model to predict whether oil droplets could surface within a two day period based upon an initial oil droplet size distribution.

A final report on the overall findings from this project will be prepared and made available on the JIP website. In addition, two manuscripts will be developed and submitted for publications in peer-reviewed journals. Results will be presented at one of the international oil spill conferences.