Research Projects

The project at a Glance

Controlled in situ burning (ISB) of an oil slick as a response technology has been researched and employed in one form or another at a variety of oil spills since the late 1950s, including limited use during the Exxon Valdez accident and more extensive use during the Deepwater Horizon incident... more

Key Goals of the Project

The primary objective of the field releases is to validate the use of herders in combination with in-situ burning (ISB), when both are applied by helicopter... more

Scope of Work

The contractor for this project is SL Ross Environmental Research Ltd.  The University of Alaska (UAF) will provide contract support, weather monitoring (wind, temperature and flying conditions), test pond infrastructure, site access, certificates to fly robotic helicopters, and necessary permits... more

Key Components of the Project

Obtain required permits and approvals, construct a large, above-ground fully-lined test basin (8,400 square meters)... more