Field Research Using Herders to Advance In Situ Burning

Research Report

Research Report Aerial Application of Herders

This report provides a comprehensive review of the five tests carried out during late April of 2015, in a custom-built test basin located 50 km northeast of Fairbanks AK. The overall aim of the project was to determine if a helicopter could be used to first apply herding agents to crude oil slicks in open water or very open drift ice conditions, and then ignite the herded oil slicks using a Heli-torch™.

The overall goal of this research is to develop a rapid response aerial system that enhances responders’ ability to use offshore ISB in drift ice or open water conditions. Validating the aerial delivery of herders followed by ignition in the Alaska trials is a key step to developing a new operational response tool for the Arctic offshore, and to facilitating future agency pre-approval of herders and application techniques.