In Situ Burning of Oil in Ice – Development of Aerial Ignition Systems for In Situ Burn Operations

Key Components

Element 1: Development of an Integrated Herder Delivery and Ignition System

  • Historical review of aerial ignition systems
  • Development, testing, and approval of new igniters
  • Development of herder delivery system
  • Testing of full prototype herder delivery and ignition system
  • Obtain FAA and EASA acceptance of the system for use in response operations.

Element 2: Development of a Long Range Aerial Ignition System

  • Identification of Suitable Aircraft both fixed wing and helicopter
  • Development Project Certification Plan for FAA and EASA requirements
  • Development of conceptual design for distribution and ignition system (3D model) that would be judged certifiable by the FAA/EASA
  • Identify possible test locations