Mechanical Recovery of Oil in Ice

Key Components

A workshop was conducted between 6-8 March 2012 in London, UK, to advance the accessing and recovering of oil in ice infested waters and to identify promising recovery concepts.

Experts evaluated ideas beyond conventional skimming equipment, focusing on selected Arctic response scenarios and identified promising tactics or equipment designs that could enhance mechanical recovery under Arctic conditions. The JIP has identified four key project focus areas to conduct high level feasibility studies:

  • New recovery vessels design concepts.
  • Remote recovery units operating from the “mother ship”
  • On-board oil-water-ice separating devices
  • On-board oil incinerators

The JIP commissioned a synthesis report of the four feasibility studies and Alaska Clean Seas (ACS) was selected as the contractor.

The objective of this high level feasibility evaluation is to identify the most promising technologies and to provide sufficient information to make a determination of the level of research and development required and the likelihood of success.