Responsible Approach

Over the course of its four-year mandate, the JIP will be conducting cutting edge research into the key areas of Arctic oil spill response, with the overall aim of enhancing industry preparedness for a spill in Arctic conditions. The JIP is also working towards a heightened understanding of a spill’s impact, and that of any response, on Arctic environments, with the aim of minimising any impact.

Safety, respect for the environment and the communities in which our field research working group could be operating, as well as on-going communication, are all priorities that will  be rigorously pursued by the JIP.


The JIP is committed to ensuring each of its working groups adheres to strict safety practices. That means ensuring safety procedures are detailed in writing, communicated regularly, and regularly reviewed in order to ensure project teams are protected from injury during the duration of the project.


Respect for the environment is a key commitment of the JIP. This means ensuring that each of the working groups applies stringent and transparent industry standards and best practices, understood and approved by regulators, in order to minimise any environmental impacts of our research.


The JIP believes in open and sustained communication with all stakeholders, including those communities in areas where research may be conducted. We are committed to providing regular updates and listening to their concerns.


Our aim is to make the JIP research project findings available either in peer reviewed journals or within our website and general materials for the benefit of other researchers, the oil spill technology community, the wider industry, governmental and other stakeholders.